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Let everything be open to God;

turned to him in every situation

We are frequently tempted to think that being holy  is only for those who can withdraw from ordinary affairs to spend time in prayer. This is not the case. We are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, where ever we find ourselves. 


Be holy  by loving and caring for your husband or wife. Be holy by working with integrity and skill in the service of your brothers and sisters. Be holy by patiently teaching the little ones how to follow Jesus. Be holy by working for the common good and renouncing personal gain. Let everything be open to God; turned to him in every situation.

In the Church, the Christian community which is made up of sinners, you will find everything you need to grow towards holiness.


The Lord has given his church the gifts of scripture, the sacraments, holy places, living communities, the witness of the saints and a multifaceted beauty that proceeds from God’s love. 

This holiness, to which the Lord calls you, will grow through small gestures. Sometimes we need only to find a more perfect way of doing what we are already doing.

Just to try to love as Christ loved us shows that Christ shares his own risen life with us. In this way on lives demonstrate his power at work - even in the midst of human weakness.

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