Walter Bartlett, Nigel Boon

Jack Henney, Stefan Tacey, Michael Spence

Kevin Higgins, Patrick Hayes, Ellen Patsworth, Mary Rogers

Mieczyslaw Klosowski, Ismay Rodriguez, Jim Latchford

Niall Moran, Mary Fuschillo, John Carolan

Patrick Carey, Joanne Smith

May They Rest in Peace


Please remember in Prayer

the following who are ill

Ann Higgins, Rosanna Joseph

Richard Lamb, Jonathan Eley, Annie Childs

Karen Oates, Kim Nichol, Rachel Antonella Rizzo

Michael & Joan Clements, Leslie Sebastian, Gloria Soar

Micky Bennett, Rizzo Enzo, Wesley Leachman

Connie Hall, Mary May

As of the 4th July parishes will begin to resume public masses.

Please check individual parishes for times of opening.

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Kitty & Maurice Mullins RIP

Walter Bartlett RIP


Nicholas D’Lima RIP

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Readings for Mass

1 Kings 19:9,11-13

The Lord was not in the wind, or the earthquake, or the fire. When Elijah reached Horeb, the mountain of God, he went into the cave and spent the night in it. Then he was told, ‘Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord.’ Then the Lord himself went by. There came a mighty wind, so strong it tore the mountains and shattered the rocks before the Lord. But the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake. But the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire. But the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there came the sound of a gentle breeze. And when Elijah heard this, he covered his face with his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave.

Romans 9:1-5

I would willingly be condemned if it could help my brothers. What I want to say now is no pretence; I say it in union with Christ – it is the truth – my conscience in union with the Holy Spirit assures me of it too. What I want to say is this: my sorrow is so great, my mental anguish so endless, I would willingly be condemned and be cut off from Christ if it could help my brothers of Israel, my own flesh and blood. They were adopted as sons, they were given the glory and the covenants; the Law and the ritual were drawn up for them, and the promises were made to them. They are descended from the patriarchs and from their flesh and blood came Christ who is above all, God for ever blessed! Amen.

Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus walks on the water. Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead to the other side while he would send the crowds away. After sending the crowds away he went up into the hills by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone, while the boat, by now far out on the lake, was battling with a heavy sea, for there was a head-wind. In the fourth watch of the night he went towards them, walking on the lake, and when the disciples saw him walking on the lake they were terrified. ‘It is a ghost’ they said, and cried out in fear. But at once Jesus called out to them, saying, ‘Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid.’ It was Peter who answered. ‘Lord,’ he said ‘if it is you, tell me to come to you across the water.’ ‘Come’ said Jesus. Then Peter got out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus across the water, but as soon as he felt the force of the wind, he took fright and began to sink. ‘Lord! Save me!’ he cried. Jesus put out his hand at once and held him. ‘Man of little faith,’ he said ‘why did you doubt?’ And as they got into the boat the wind dropped. The men in the boat bowed down before him and said, ‘Truly, you are the Son of God.’

The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 9th August

Notes for Readings

The Barque of Peter, as the Church is sometimes poetically called, is seen to be tossed about and imperilled by waves of its own making and by the wash of hostility from an antireligious world. The Master of this little boat seems not to be at The Helm: the occupants of the The Barque often appear nervous and afraid.

1 Kings 19:9,11-13

Faith seemed dead in Israel in the Prophet Elijah’s day. In a state of discouragement and self-pity, he made pilgrimage to the Mount where Moses first encountered God. There, he had a mystical experience of his Lord from which he returned with renewed confidence and greater commitment to God’s service. However, it was not in strength that the Lord revealed himself but rather in the gentle breeze.

Romans 9:1-5

What The Law could never achieve, Paul asserts that God can do in Christ. The letter to the Romans continually speaks of the way God fulfils the ancient promises which he made to his people in and through Christ. Moved by the Spirit, the Apostle affirms that God chose the Jewish people as his own and that Jesus was and continues to be Israel’s Messiah.

Matthew 14:22-33

The disciples in the little boat are tossed about by the storm all round them, just as the church today seems imperilled by the heaving swell of a hostile world. As with the first disciples, today’s followers of the Master are torn between faith and doubt. Even Peter seems weak and doubting under the testing circumstances of the violent storm. However, it is when he cries out to the Lord and puts his trust in him that he is rescued. Salvation comes from our Lord and Master in whom we are called to trust implicitly.

Pope Francis Teaches .....

You can have flaws, be anxious, and even be angry, but do not forget that your life is the greatest enterprise in the world. Only you can stop it from going bust. Many appreciate you, admire you and love you. Remember that to be happy is not to have a sky without a storm, a road without accidents, work without fatigue, relationships without disappointments. 

To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hope in battles, security in the stage of fear, love in discord. It is not only to enjoy the smile, but also to reflect on the sadness. It is not only to celebrate the successes, but to learn lessons from the failures. It is not only to feel happy with the applause, but to be happy in anonymity. 

Being happy is not a fatality of destiny, but an achievement for those who can travel within themselves. To be happy is to stop feeling like a victim and become your destiny's author. It is to cross deserts, yet to be able to find an oasis in the depths of our soul. It is to thank God for every morning, for the miracle of life. 

Being happy is not being afraid of your own feelings. It's to be able to talk about you. It is having the courage to hear a "no". It is confidence in the face of criticism, even when unjustified. It is to kiss your children, pamper your parents, to live poetic moments with friends, even when they hurt us. 

To be happy is to let live the creature that lives in each of us, free, joyful and simple. 

It is to have maturity to be able to say: "I made mistakes". 

It is to have the courage to say "I am sorry". 

It is to have the sensitivity to say, "I need you". 

It is to have the ability to say "I love you". 

May your life become a garden of opportunities for happiness ... 

That in spring may it be a lover of joy. 

In winter a lover of wisdom. 

And when you make a mistake, start all over again. 


For only then will you be in love with life. You will find that to be happy is not to have a perfect life. But use the tears to irrigate tolerance. 

Use your losses to train patience. 

Use your mistakes to sculptor serenity. 

Use pain to plaster pleasure. 

Use obstacles to open windows of intelligence. 

Never give up .... Never give up on people who love you. Never give up on happiness, for life is an incredible show.

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