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Anne &Thomas Mangan, Mary Callaghan

Gerry Howley, Jessie Church, Syd Cowwdrey

Jack Lonergan, Mick Costello

May They Rest in Peace


Before he sent them on their mission, Jesus’ disciples learn that they must allow Christ speak through their voices and act through their actions. They must get rid of the useless baggage of human assurance because what matters now is not their personal attributes but rather their willingness to allow The Master speak and act in them. 

Amos 7:12-15

Amos asserts that he is not part of the prophetic tradition but a mere shepherd and farmer: yet he is called and sent  to reveal God’s will to the people even though they are hostile to the message. 

Ephesians 1:3-14

The Apostle Paul speaks elegantly of the nature of our relationship with God which is mediated in and through Christ. Members of a family of faith, we are chosen as God’s children united in grace: part of God’s plan of redemption where all will be united in heaven and on earth. 

Mark 6:7-13

Jesus’ mission was to inaugurate the Kingdom of God among the People of Israel, yet he was rejected by them. Now he extends his mission by sending out the disciples to spread the good news; they were to speak and act in his name.

Please remember in Prayer the following who are ill

Salvina Barber

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Readings for Mass

Amos 7:12-15

'Go, shepherd, and prophesy to my people Israel'. Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, said to Amos, ‘Go away, seer;’ get back to the land of Judah; earn your bread there, do your prophesying there. We want no more prophesying in Bethel; this is the royal sanctuary, the national temple.’ ‘I was no prophet, neither did I belong to any of the brotherhoods of prophets,’ Amos replied to Amaziah ‘I was a shepherd, and looked after sycamores: but it was the Lord who took me from herding the flock, and the Lord who said, “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.”’

Ephesians 1:3-14

God chose us in Christ before the world was made. Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all the spiritual blessings of heaven in Christ. Before the world was made, he chose us, chose us in Christ, to be holy and spotless, and to live through love in his presence, determining that we should become his adopted sons, through Jesus Christ for his own kind purposes, to make us praise the glory of his grace, his free gift to us in the Beloved, in whom, through his blood, we gain our freedom, the forgiveness of our sins. Such is the richness of the grace which he has showered on us in all wisdom and insight. He has let us know the mystery of his purpose, the hidden plan he so kindly made in Christ from the beginning to act upon when the times had run their course to the end: that he would bring everything together under Christ, as head, everything in the heavens and everything on earth. And it is in him that we were claimed as God’s own, chosen from the beginning, under the predetermined plan of the one who guides all things as he decides by his own will; chosen to be, for his greater glory, the people who would put their hopes in Christ before he came. Now you too, in him, have heard the message of the truth and the good news of your salvation, and have believed it; and you too have been stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit of the Promise, the pledge of our inheritance which brings freedom for those whom God has taken for his own, to make his glory praised.

Mark 6:7-13

'Take nothing with you'. Jesus made a tour round the villages, teaching. Then he summoned the Twelve and began to send them out in pairs giving them authority over the unclean spirits. And he instructed them to take nothing for the journey except a staff – no bread, no haversack, no coppers for their purses. They were to wear sandals but, he added, ‘Do not take a spare tunic.’ And he said to them, ‘If you enter a house anywhere, stay there until you leave the district. And if any place does not welcome you and people refuse to listen to you, as you walk away shake off the dust from under your feet as a sign to them.’ So they set off to preach repentance; and they cast out many devils, and anointed many sick people with oil and cured them.

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 15th July

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