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The Gospel narrative moves away from the Infancy Gospel literature which is found only in the tradition of Matthew and Luke. All the evangelists introduce the public life of Jesus with his baptism by John in the river Jordan. There now follows the accounts of the life, teaching, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus, The Son of God.

Isaiah 40:1-5,9-11

The People of the Hebrews are exiled from their own country and holy places; the prophet Isaiah comforts and consoles them with the hope of messianic glory as he refers to the messenger who prepares a way in the wilderness for the coming of the Lord. As they show signs of repentance for their sins, the chosen people receive the promise that the glory of the Lord will be revealed.

Titus 2:11-14,3:4-7

Titus was Paul’s emissary on the island of Crete. This letter, together with other Pastoral Letters, were written to instruct the developing Christian communities  in their efforts to live out the Gospel in their common lives. He reminds them that the revelation of the kindness and love of God is Jesus Christ himself. His love is at work through the Spirit who makes all us reborn and destined for eternal life.

Luke 3:15-16,21-22

In St. Luke’s Gospel Jesus is often described as being in prayer before a crucial event or decision. After his baptism in the Jordan he is at prayer when he receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He is anointed to announce to the poor the good news of their salvation. This is also an allusion to the Sacrament of Baptism through which we are saved from the bondage of sin and death.

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Readings for Mass

Isaiah 40:1-5,9-11

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all mankind shall see it. ‘Console my people, console them’ says your God. ‘Speak to the heart of Jerusalem and call to her that her time of service is ended, that her sin is atoned for, that she has received from the hand of the Lord double punishment for all her crimes.’ A voice cries, ‘Prepare in the wilderness a way for the Lord. Make a straight highway for our God across the desert. Let every valley be filled in, every mountain and hill be laid low. Let every cliff become a plain, and the ridges a valley; then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all mankind shall see it; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.’ Go up on a high mountain, joyful messenger to Zion. Shout with a loud voice, joyful messenger to Jerusalem. Shout without fear, say to the towns of Judah, ‘Here is your God.’ Here is the Lord coming with power, his arm subduing all things to him. The prize of his victory is with him, his trophies all go before him. He is like a shepherd feeding his flock, gathering lambs in his arms, holding them against his breast and leading to their rest the mother ewes.

Titus 2:11-14,3:4-7

He saved us by means of the cleansing water of rebirth. God’s grace has been revealed, and it has made salvation possible for the whole human race and taught us that what we have to do is to give up everything that does not lead to God, and all our worldly ambitions; we must be self-restrained and live good and religious lives here in this present world, while we are waiting in hope for the blessing which will come with the Appearing of the glory of our great God and saviour Christ Jesus. He sacrificed himself for us in order to set us free from all wickedness and to purify a people so that it could be his very own and would have no ambition except to do good. But when the kindness and love of God our saviour for mankind were revealed, it was not because he was concerned with any righteous actions we might have done ourselves; it was for no reason except his own compassion that he saved us, by means of the cleansing water of rebirth and by renewing us with the Holy Spirit which he has so generously poured over us through Jesus Christ our saviour. He did this so that we should be justified by his grace, to become heirs looking forward to inheriting eternal life.

Luke 3:15-16,21-22

'Someone is coming who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire'. A feeling of expectancy had grown among the people, who were beginning to think that John might be the Christ, so John declared before them all, ‘I baptise you with water, but someone is coming, someone who is more powerful than I am, and I am not fit to undo the strap of his sandals; he will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Now when all the people had been baptised and while Jesus after his own baptism was at prayer, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily shape, like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you.’

The Baptism of the Lord

Sunday 13th January 2019

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