Back Row: Damien, Phyllis, Bill, Kath, Lucy, Con, John, Leon.

3rd Row: Denis, Mike, Bob, Margaret, Liz, Tony, Andrea, Reg.

2nd Row: Rami (Our Guide), Canon Martin, Una, Sonia, Helen, Rita, Barbara,

Deanna, Margaret, Julia, Helen, Elie, Sr. Angela, Larry, Brenda, Carolyn, Val, Lucy.

Front Row: Linda, Audra, Angela, Anne, Fuerina, Ann, Attracta, Josie, Pauline, Frances, Jacqueline, Doris, Faye.

Larry’s Diary

Kathy & Bill,

our thoughts ..…

It's now just over a week since we returned from our parish pilgrimage from the Holy Land. Most of us had never been previously and although we had several meetings, were still unsure of what to expect. Many of our families and friends were questioning why we would choose to visit Israel at a time of unrest. However having received a reassuring email from the tour operator Damien via our parish coordinator Larry, we were all excited and looking forward to this once in a life time trip.

We had a full programme organised and planned meticulously by Fr Martin , Damien and our local guide to ensure that we had a wonderful, safe and spiritually enlightening experience and felt as if we were really travelling in the footsteps of our Lord.All those stories from the Bible came alive.

We started in Nazareth and finished at the Dead sea.We renewed our Baptismal vows at the river Jordan and for the married couples, our marriage vows at Cana and even prayed at the Wailing wall.

Every day we had prayers, readings and Holy Mass accompanied by singing and had night prayer when possible.

Our hotels were comfortable and the food was good, even if a little different to home.We eat together and had many laughs too. Although we travelled many miles we witnessed no trouble but were aware that our fellow Christians there do not enjoy the freedom that we take so much for granted.

Our group was very varied, singles, couples, families and different ethnic backgrounds, and amazing people in the 80's. We bonded as a group and have

made many new friends.

Our thanks must go to Fr Martin and indeed to Larry who did so much preparatory work to make this pilgrimage a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you again and God bless you always

Kathy and Bill x

Holy Land Pilgrimage Day by Day  .....

Day 1

Fr. Martin: St. Bede's singing as ever! Accompanied by St Bede's organ thanks to Richard Nott who pre-recorded many favourite hymns on the parish organ and it is proving very effective and useful in our liturgies. Long day today - all exhausted Mount Carmel tomorrow morning and then mass at the Basilica of The Annunciation.
Larry: Fr. Martin, that was the opening mass at 5pm at the Franciscan Monastry of St. Nicodimus and Joseph of Arithitea in Ramla. Then on to Nazareth.

Day 2

Larry: Left at 08.00 for Haifa and Mt. Carmel to visit the church of Stella Maris. Then to the other side of the mount to Muhruqa the site where  Prophet Elijah and the prophet of Ba'al took place.

We said morning prayers here and sang. This site overlooks the Valley of Armageddon. Then back to Nazareth for lunch and Holy Sunday Mass at the Basilica of the Annunciation.

We also visited the Church of St. Joseph and excavations. Then on to the Wedding Church of Cana where couples renewed their vows. We prayed and sang some more before returning to the hotel for dinner and drinks.

Day 3

Damien: The Sea of Galilee. First visit was to Tabgha , an area situated on the north-western shore of the Sea of Galilee. It is the place of the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes (Mark 6:30-46) and the fourth resurrection appearance of Jesus (John 21:1-24) after his crucifixion. The Mount of Beatitudes refers to the small hill on the shore of Northern Galilee where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Within sight are the scenes of many of the events of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee, including the town of Capernaum 3km away, where he made his home. Just below is Sower’s Cove, where it is believed Jesus taught the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-9) from a boat moored in the bay.

Damien: Next place was the Primacy of St. Peter. The Church of the Primacy of St. Peter is a Franciscan church located in Tabgha on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee. This site is thought to be where Jesus appointed Peter 'Primus  inter partes' -  the first among equals. The modern structure was built in 1933 and incorporates parts of an earlier 4th century church. At the base of its walls, opposite the main altar, foundations of the 4th century church are visible. In the 9th century, the church was referred to as the Place of the Coals. This name refers to the incident of Jesus' preparation of meal for the apostles, building a charcoal fire on which to cook the fish.

Larry: From the Sea of Galilee we went to lunch where most feasted on St. Peter's fish and then on to a boat ride on the sea. Fr. Martin read from the gospel and we sang. Then up to the top of Mt. Tabor to visit the church of the Transfiguration where we prayed together before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Day 4

Larry: We drove through the Jordan Rift Valley for most of the way before entering Jerusalem. Then onto Palestine to Bethlehem in time for lunch. Then walked in the rain to the church in the Shepherds field. A small church where four other groups were sheltering from the rain. We got them all singing Christmas Carols. A sight and sound to behold. We then visited and toured the Nativity Church including the grotto where St. Jerome lived for 36 years translating the Bible.  We then celebrated Holy Mass in the Chapel of St. Helena at 4.00pm. We then visited the birth place of Jesus and the manger before starting our ascent to the eternal city, Jerusalem. After dinner we said evening prayers and sang before ending the day.

Day 5

Larry: Day 2 was wet and windy. Day 4 hot and sunny. Today sun and rain. After breakfast and check out walked to the Nazareth synagogue where Jesus preached. We then sang more songs. We were invited next door into the Greek Catholic church where we did the same. Then drove to Bethlehem.

Day 6

More photos from Day 6 are available to view. Taken by Damien and Fr. Martin.

Fr. Martin O'Connor

Lawrence & Brenda Fernandes

Carolyn Fernandes

Sonia Sullivan

Sister Angela Cronin

Andrea Cronin

Brian & Shirley Cronin

Angela Sanderson

Audra Dodds

Barbara Parker

Margaret Gryko

Conliph & Lucille Simpson

Damien Kearney

Jacqueline Mager

Pauline Bowles

Frances Baxter

Jacqueline Mager

Philomena Keating

Robert & Ann Wright

Ruby Elie

Fuerina Thompson

Tony & Anne Battle

Valerie Kelleher

Doris Warren

William & Kathleen Masterson

Denis & Una McGrath

Fredrick & Kathleen Werrett

Helen Dupree

Helen Jones

John & Margaret Johnson

Josephine Kennedy

Julia Galea

Deanna McCullah

Julitta Williams

Linda Braganza

Melchy & Rita Gomes

Mr. Leon Lewis

Miss Elizabeth Lewis

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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7



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Parishioners who went on Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

 As we remembered them in our prayers

On Thursday they remembered St Bedes Parishioners at their Mass in Calvary

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